How to Setup Mobile Photo Uploads From Your Device Mobile

How to Setup Mobile Photo Uploads From Your Device
BisManOnline lets you use your mobile phone (compatible with Android and iPhone 4 and 5), to take pictures and send them directly to your BisManOnline Member Directory for creating your next ad. Here's 6 easy steps to set up your mobile phone for this feature.
Step 1.) First, make sure you're logged into your BisManOnline account, this will allow you to continue to the next step. By clicking on the settings icon in the upper-right corner, you will be brought to the account settings page in your Member Center.

Step 2.)
Next, you will want to select the "Mobile" shown.


Step 3.)
Once you've done that, you'll be taken to the next step. Here, you'll want to click the button "Enable Mobile for my Account." This will let you not only allow you to complete mobile photo uploads as shown in this guide, but other things like text notifications from BisManOnline.

You'll also want to enter the phone number for the mobile phone you plan to use. After you select your mobile phone provider, click "Submit" to continue.

Now that you have your new mobile upload email address which is tied into your BisManOnline membership, you can begin any time.